Monday, November 25, 2013

life ups and down X randoms and fav hauls

Hi peeps
recently I was down with flu so I was on medication it was really horrible
and I am in my internship now
I don't like it here at all...
I cant wait to end it all and proceed with my life
and then I think that I will need to study my uni and all that bla blah..


life is like this
reality sucks

the thing that I want to do most is being with boyfie and cuddling just the 2 of us only no one else
and perhaps spend time with my sisters and playing with my sis dog yoggie <33

When I was sick mommy and boyfie took care of me :3
feeling blissful

mommy took me to the doc and cooked me porridge, check on my fever constantly and fed me water while boyfie make me eat med and drink some herbal tea. he was there to accompany me too even though he wants to play with his games so much lol..

after all these I am still feeling very negative about my work attachment thinking of all the other better things that I can do hais...

But  I try to think of all the positive thoughts now..


thinking back nothing beats being with my dearie and my family :)
even doing nothing with dearie is nice because of his warmth companionship <333
looking at his face always thinking how can someone be so cute <33??!!
even when he is angry or mad he looks cute too!! :O
love him max!!

yesterday I also managed to buy some new makeup
the Korean brand PERIPERA which I wanted to buy some time ago already!!
and then my local drug store stopped carrying this brand when I wanted -.-
and I managed to find them while walking around randomly..
wahhahha and is my idol Apink's Naeun endorsing it too!! wahhhaa major loves!! <333
will do a review soon I already tried out them already and their effects are just lovely and amazing!!
wahahah just hope the powder don't break me out #>.<#

Bought this to try out..
since I am sucha matcha lover hehhehe

ate it and it tasted out not bad :p
will prolly buy it again
such snacks are uncommon in our normal supermarkets only available in those Japanese super marts
more costly than those normal Pocky snacks out there though..

Bought this "Hello" cap long time ago but didn't dare to wear it out until now lol! like a finally !!!

Am starting to love Nivea makeup remover ever since I first bought them randomly
have been using the normal combination skin makeup remover but trying out the normal skin type remover now..will do a review soon if I don't break out >.< lol!!

and I also bought a green tea Korean mask too to try out but I haven had a chance to use it yet lol!
will also a do a review if possible lol!!

The falsies you see inside is a major love <33 super natural soft and fluffy too and comfy too!!
hehehhe <33 will also do a review too soon if possible hehehe so many things I bought and wanna review on ..too much things too little time :O

recently I also went to catch this movie during the weekends with dearie lol
because he wanted to watch it badly lol
I was quite scare but because he is together with me so well well..>.<

lol I must say the ending is very abrupt and throughout I keep holding onto my dearie's hand because I was quite scared at some scenes especially the killing parts lol.. the cinema was quite packed more people than the usual.. prolly cos it is weekends and it is quite a popular movie too..


so that is all for now yea..

bye bye<33


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