Friday, November 29, 2013

Lovely innisfree hauls X KPOP Pudding camera phone app!

Hi peeps!!~~

Yesterday, I wanted to treat baby to lao Beijing but it was so crowded and we needed to queue up -.-
bummer!! And he was very hungry >.< too!!
So we wandered around orchard area

and we managed to go to the new Innisfree outlet newly lauched :D
Wees!! ^*^ so we stopped by there and I keep thinking of what I wanted to buy since I quite like innisfree and it is so exclusive only one outlet in SG too! wahahaha

so I wandered inside the large outlet for quite a while testing out  and reading about its many products..

After a short while, I decided to get myself some mask lol.. then I browsed through them and immediately grab the last green tea catechin ampoule mask.

Then I proceeded to the cashier to queue up, I saw all the shimmery glittery shadows and I was O.O

After much deliberation and testing out, I decided to get 2 shimmer shadows as the colors are so unique and nice!! <333

My hauls are the picture shown below...

So I will do a review on these loves soon if possible :)

& next I wanna share with you all a new app that I quite enjoy playing around with
I managed to chance upon this app when I typed "kpop" inside my app search bar.. lol
it claims that many kpop stars are users of this app too!! hehehehe!!

and I decided to download it and give it a try too since it is free to install too..kekeke**

So when I downloaded finished, I tried it out and I like it functions playing around with it

here are some examples of Kpop artiste playing with this amazing cutie app!~ (o*~*o)

So that is all for now yea..


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