Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wishlist 2012- 2013

HI all!
I am pretty sure all of you out there have a wish list which you wish for and want to accomplish right???

Well,  I do too!! (#>.<#)

starting 2 years back ago
I read some blogs and read about this wishlist at the side bars then I was wondering to myself ..
hmm... maybe I should have one too lol!! XD

and I did gave it some thoughts...abit ..

I was greedy thinking about all the things I wanted back then.. I had many thoughts.

looking back I did managed to achieve some of them of course not all of them
but I do feel some small sense of satisfaction

Last 2 years.. I wished for (year 2012/2013)
1. A very handsome & super loving Boyfie <3
2. A polaroid
3. Laneige makeup & skincare
4. Go some nice countries
5. Appear in japan news
6. Dollywink and Candydoll limited edition products
7. Some facial surgical/aesthetics procedures
8. Some Etude house products
9. A good to use handphone
10.Tony Moly products
11.Innisfree product
12.Get a couple tee with boyfriend
13.Go USSR
14.Go River Safari
15. A special love necklace by boyfriend
16. Dined @ Genki Sushi

Now I wish for ( year 2014/2015)
1.  A simple diploma
2. Complete my degree
3. A long lasting relationship with my current boyfie <3!
4. Go some nice countries
5. Some Facial surgical/aesthetics procedures
6.Japan Rhoto contacts lenses Eyedrops

Christmas and my next Monthsary is coming soon
I am still wondering what to get for my boyfie ..

..a lot of dramas.. happened in my life here and there with boyfie..

finger crossed everything will be fine as now..
peaceful no problem no troubles..
it was really tough back then...
I cried a lot and thought a lot of stuffs back.. too wondering much often if I am on the correct track anot..

Hence some inspirational life quotes here..and there..

every working day I am like that.. pathetic life.. but that is it..
everyone does this too -.-

So that is all for my sharing post here <33
Bye bye !! <333



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