Monday, February 27, 2012

New hauls!! = Gyaru luminous lashes, New eversoft eyegel.. Fairylash!! X Candydoll new lip colours

Hello everyone!! i am so pleased to announce that i passed my N4 japanese exams!!
i thought i will fail initially ... Well i PASSED!! with As & Bs

so today gonna be a sharing about my new huals and my review on my new eversoft eyegel

First up, my gyaru luminous lashes!!! >.<
such a nice packaging !!!
Wondering if i will look good on these???
havent got a chance to try these because of my exams but will try these soon?
and gonna do a review on this too! >>.<<

2nd is my review on this new eversoft eyegel!

effects : 4/5 my eyebags did improve after a few days heheh ^V^
colour of the gel : transparent
smell (2/5) : no smell at all >.<
packaging: pink 3/5 simple but and white in colour! with japanese wordings on the side
cost: 3/5 affordable ^.^

will i buy this again?? : maybe?? since i like to try out many new products

                          Well i decided to get this because my late nights due to my exams >.<

next is Fairylashes by Sakurina featured in my popteen magazine!

Super nice right???
wow! i want these!
sadly i cant find these in my country
only available in japan

              Next, is the lastest candydoll new lip colours : Cherry red & marshmallow pink!
              will be soon available in my country
                 cant wait to get these!! & hopefully do a review?
             well, these are featured in Tsu-chan 's blog now too! >.<


That's all byebye
thanks for viewing my blog!
btw: all comments in the previous post replied!! like finally??


  1. does the eye gel work good? i need an eye gel that could remove dark circles actually.. nice haul! :)

    1. to carriza: hi, it would works well if you want to whiten your eyebags it doesnt relly helps to reduce eyebags except to whiten it..
      that is why i kinda of like it..

      hope this answers your questions... \perhaps i will do a blog post about ways or methods to reduce eyebags soon...

      bye & have a nice day!! ^^

  2. WOW WOW! all is really useful! I like it n.n

    1. To natt: i'm glad that you find this useful
      heheheh >.<
      & thanks for viewing my blog !!

  3. Ohhhh it's great what your notes! ^^/
    thanks for your review~ :)

  4. to daili: i'm glad that you like my review and notes ...huhurhur..
    & you are such a sweetie!! >.<