Thursday, February 2, 2012

My make up tutorial

Hi everyone as you all know that i am in love with "nude" make up
hehehe so here is my secret!~~

1. Apply egyptian magic cream ( to create natural glow)
2. 1 will apply candydoll liquid foundation 01 / Skin79 BB cream with a sponge
3. apply my europe cream bronzer, canmake cream highligter and canmake cream blusher
(** all cream based products are a must because they blend in better into the skin!!)
4. put on very natural falsies
5. put malian double eyelid tape 
6. apply brown eyeshadow to cover my tape
7. eyeliner to elongate the sides of my eyes ( makes eye longer and bigger!)
8. apply light pink eyeshadow at my bottom lid ( lower eye area)
7. white shimmery eyeshadow at the corner of my tearduct area
( **step 8 and 9 helps to create very pure and innocent look!)

And you ' re Done!!

Hope you all like this!!

Next shall be sharing on my favourite lashes! & hopefully my daily skincare routine too

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