Monday, February 6, 2012

Twinkle baby eyes Marimo special coloured contacts produce X Marimo inspired Look

Hi!! Have you all heard of Popteen model Marimo
new special produced coloured contacts???

$まりもブログ 村田莉オフィシャルブログ Powered by Ameba

トゥインクルアイズ14.5mm/ベイビーシリーズ    グレ-

Love this!! >.<
but sadly for now this is only available in Japan >.<

Nevermind i am looking for some substitute
hehehe hurhur

Try code WMM-505
i am buying this by this week hopefully?
and am gonna do a review on it too.. hope it suits me >...<
Cross fingers i have the time..

トゥインクルアイズ/ベイビーシリーズ14.5mm    ブラウン

I love this brown too
sadly however, my this year unlucky colour is brown >.<
So i have to say byebye to this
but for this you can try lense code WMM-504

hope this helps ?

Next, i did a "Marimo" inspired look today, cause she is so so so PRETTY! >.<

Key highlights
1. gold eyeshadow
2. natural falsies
3. bottom eyelashes apply mascara no lower falsies needed

However sadly, these super natural falsies dont suit me at all T.T

that's all for today
hope you all like this???

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