Monday, February 13, 2012

My favourite drama - Switch girl!

sorry for not replying to you all comments >.<
i am currently busy with my projects and exams, but will after i am done >.<
meanwhile please continue to comments  ^X^
will still read them though

Today's topic will be about my current favourite amine epsiodes
Switch's girl !!!!!!>.<
heheh so interesting !!!

This image look so funny right??? lols
here is the link
However, sadly, i could only locate espisode 1 only >.<

Next, is the latest japanese girl band new 's single "ViVi夏"!!!!!
it is featured in popteen song list that is how i get to know btw..

However, i am still a big fan of akb48 though

that's all for today!!!
hope you all like this short post though :D



  1. Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!! I LOVE DORAMAS! I'll look for this dorama NOW!! >o<
    I miss follow doramas lately >.<
    Thanks, looks so funny! N_N

  2. I haven't seen this drama~~ >.<
    Nice day!