Monday, February 13, 2012

A short Notice... New Hauls X Juju Aquamoist light toner

Hi all.....
Here is just a short update to tell you all that i will not be blogging for the next two weeks
due to my upcoming exams >.<


but meanwhile i may still try my best to post some short post up too. >.<
so please continue to support my blog kk?? >..<

i will miss you all and updating my daily blog >.<

btw, i bought some new stuffs online but they are yet to arrive so

as i am allergic to sunblock so i use sun cream! >.<

cant wait to lay my hands on this vibrating mascara! >.<
wait for my review on these 2 items yea?
Next, is my review on Juju aquamoist light toner\
recently, i just started using this as my night moisturizer although it is a toner..
effects: 3/5 no breakouts so far ^^. But no tightening effect so not really efffective as a toner :((
cost: 3/5 actual retail price is really expensive. but i got it at $5 only at a sasa fair

smell: 3/5 no smell though...

texture: 3/5 watery not rich at all..
Design : 3/5 very simple japanese product packaging
that's all for today 
will you all miss me??? >.<
Wait for me to back yea? 
hugs and kisses <333333333 

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