Monday, February 20, 2012

funny but fabby contouring skills

Hi all, i am now super busy with my exams but gonna a post for this week >.<

i'm back here a wee while only but do you all miss me???

shameless ###

lols this contouring method is funny!!

how to contour your boobs EWW!!
lols this is so funny, i swear i am not gonna do this! >.<

here a simple tip

Next is how to fix make up mishaps

funny too

Next, i got this for myself recently, acually there are many other items that i just bought too. but i shall share with you all the next after my exams..

see u again next time
bye! <33333


  1. Wow Wow, very useful entry!!
    And good luck with your exams!

  2. hahaha this one is funny. I also contour my face but not too much. haven't tried the cleavage one!