Saturday, February 4, 2012

Review on japanese gyaru eye matsuge mama 's eyelashes!

Gosh so tired blogging daily!! >o<
Today gonna do a review on Mama's eyelashes!!!!!

Omg they really cost me a bomb!

length: (3/5) too long for the width and depth.
quality( 4/5) quite durable if properly taken care of
effects: (3/5) don't really like the thick stalks in fact i hate it!
Cost:(2/5) so expensive
packaging : (5/5) really nice
will i buy again???
sorry!! nope >.<

overall these lashes dont really suit me T.T
they are not natural enough and i have to cut to alter them myself  >>.<<

but i really hope that they work well for you my readers~~~!! ^C^

gonna do a review on these 2 items soon

just bought >.<
hehe so cheap from SASA fair

hope you all like this post??

thanks for reading

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