Friday, March 1, 2013

unexpected surpirses and back to usual...

Photo: (-。-; 何も話せない。。でも信じラリます!!( don't need to say anything .. I just believe you ..)
i tried a new look today and trying to act cute here lols..
although i look more like a freak here. -.-
today i went out with twinie for lunch and went shop shop awhile in the mall..
so i spotted this!! >.<!
i need to get myself some lower lashes as it has been a real long while since i wear lower falsies already >.<
so wanna put them on again after watching some really inspirational videos :)
This really kawaii Hello kitty casing was chanced upon while we were at the cashier queueing up hahahha
and i think it was the last one and si i told myself i had to get this!!! :p

This is the first time i wanna buy such an item because of its irresistably kawaii design (o.o)!!
 and there were some kawaii designed spray bottles there...hhehehe
and fluffy kawaii socks...
So that is all!! :)
hugs and kisses!! (o^~^o)
Photo: (*☻-☻*) 新しいメインを作りました☆〜(ゝ。∂)

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