Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy sundays!!

Hi peeps!!

Since I am on internship now so most of my rest days is only Sundays, unless I have Sunday duty too then can trade for a week day rest -.- bummer.. that is when my boyfie is not available at times too .. Sighs**
hopefully no more sunday shifts anymore >.< hate it!! T>T

So yesterday I was with dearie again ^~^

 We did went out for a little :)
But before that, we stayed awhile at his house to nap alittle and watch movie online too (we watched spy kids 4) as boyfie said he watched spy kids 3 already and wanted to see that movie, but originally we wanted to watch Free Birds but he said the quality was dam lousy and it was kind of boring too..
and played a bit of countries erasers too!! lol XD
He kept winning though (#>.<#)

Yesterday we went for dinner :)
We were very bored.. boyfie searched online
and we decided to head for city square mall then I say I wanted to go MUSTAFA!!
wahahaha because I wanted to buy some snacks.. Which I couldn't find any I fancy one previously..

However, we spent too much time at the mall itself..
and I managed to find this cute Hello Kitty Dangle chain
wahahahahaha!! I managed to get the exact design which I wanted !! XD Wees!!~~~hehehe

I played cheat alittle though.. I tried to look through the plastic to see what is inside and in the end after 3-4 tries I think I gotten it and ask boyfie to double check for me.. Then I decided I try my luck too.. as I was still quite uncertain about it but boyfie was very certain..
Since I find this hello kitty design quite uncommon especially its winter edition so I decided to get it..
And the price is quite reasonable too kekeke**

Twinie liked the snowball one beside my ski one though.. which I quite like it too. But I am already very satisfied to get this :) I meant how often do we managed to get the exact design we fancy in such packaging, it is all about luck here too..
I got a feeling that with boyfie I am always lucky <33!~~ he is just another lucky star like my twinie.

There is something I am super happy about and how lucky boyfie and I combined to be!!

Etude house is currently having a lucky star lucky draw, so there are many attractive prizes to be won!
and I decided to try my luck and who knows?! I won 20x etude house house CC cushion using boyfie account. lol!!

But we are yet to claim this prize since there is a need to wait for their confirmation email.. but we already gotten the prize winning ID.. hahaha cant wait to claim it >.<.

I have been wanting to try this product and my colleague did purchased it and said it is very convenient and nice to use, but since I bought my laniege bb snow cushion so I didn't purchase this >.< and some more F(X)'s Krystal is endorsing it too!! O.O
But I am so happy to win it!! cant wait to try out its lightest shade and will do a review whenever possible too!! hehehehe!

It is like so lucky right? wahahahaha
it is really hard to win though there are many times I failed...T.T

so that is all for now!! :)

stay tune to my blog yea? \(^*^)/

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