Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our Blissful happy 18th monthsary!

Hi peeps !!!

Today I am gonna blog about my happy blissful and evenful 18th monthsary with bf yesterday!!

That we bought the underwater world, dolphin lagoon and a night live show called the "Wings of time" at Sentosa!!

We had a lot of fun!!
But first, we exchanged pressies for another !!
I bought him Burberry weekends perfume  !! Actually it is reserved for next month one!! Since I already gave him a portable charger :((
But he was too impatient for it so :O gave it to him earlier no choice >.<!!!


But on the other hand, I pestered him to get me my precious skincare which can only be ordered online!! so we are on par hurhur!!

So here are some photos that we taken before my phone batt died on me! >.< T.T

OMG !! look at these giant fishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O


can see the shark lying below in this pic???


&& Rainbow crabs!! So cute *¬*



&& Giant Spider crab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Managed to catch a glimpse of the feeding time!!

This was not the most interesting part of the day!!

After that we went to dine at the sand bar- dining at night by the sandy beach, I swear one of the best feeling in the world!! <3333333333


it is the WINGS of time show at night!!
 Which I did not took any photos but I videoed it down in my bf's hp.. which I cant upload here!! >.<SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was one of the best anniversary we had, because previously we just went on for some special dining or movie which was already quite enough me since he is by my side <33
But all these activities were really enjoyable yesterday and It is only possible with him by my side all these while.. really thankful for god to let me have him<333
Hope things will remain this same for us or even better in the coming future!!

So that is all for now

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