Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014 Laneige brush pact review!! in pink beam!


Hi peeps!!

Since it is holidays now I will be blogging more often this week lol!!

So I am gonna do review non stop for my new products that I accumulated over the last few weeks or months?? lol..

too curious to keep trying korea skincare products since they are my current obsession !! >.<

& Boyfie bought this for me too!! heheh lucky me!! :3

Effects:4/5  the brush inside is really very soft and fluffy feeling!!  feel comfy on my face.
the fine powder inside help to give my face a overall glowy pinky finish look too !! Doesn't break me out. But when applied too much I feel that face look matte and I don't like it >.< because it looks dry >..< 
Price: 3/5 quite pricey T.T
packaging: 4/5 convenient and simple ! like it !! but there is no mirror inside to allow for easy touch up so minus one point.
Scent:  no obvious pleasant scent!! no odour too most importantly hahaha!!!
will I repurchase it again??
maybe ?? lol overall I do like this product, but I do like to try other new products too!! 
So that is all for now
cya soon!!¬¬
bye peeps!!! <333

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