Saturday, October 25, 2014

Short recent updates and korea's Liriko's marine triple treatment essence review!!

Hi peeps I am back with a short update and  another short review of one of my fav new products too!!

                                          Meanwhile I remembered last week on a date with bf and we went to try out a new café in bugis area. it is a French and Japanese concept.
we were tempted by its concept.  >.< I gorgot its name though .. >.<
but I took a photo of one of its best selling item in its menu it's Matcha Souffles!! But I have problem uploading I here .. so I took online but credits to the owner!!!
So next, I will continue on my skincare product review!!
Boyfie bought this for me after I demanded it from him countless time lol!! for our monthsary present!! <3333
hehhehee <333
and it endorsed by Korea's famous actress Goo Ara!!!~~~
So pretty!!!
This product is made of extracts from marine planktons deep under the sea!!
I decided to have it because I read reviews of it online it was quite good and it states that it have good whitening effects and I am sucker for whitening product so I decided to must have it lol!!!
Effects:3.8/5 because I think it is too strong ?? It did break me out alittle although it states that it is a gentle product but I still continue using thinking maybe it is not its problem and I am still using it daily now and it work ok for me too so overall it is quite good! ^~^!! As I think my skin needs time to get use to this product hence the minor breakout.
Price: 2/5 $_$ so costly, but bf still bought it for me hehehhe, he ordered it online for me as it is not available in SG T.T!!~~
Packaging: 3/5 it is a heavy bottle, seems to be made of glass or other material I am not sure lol, it looks fragile.. it comes together with a box of facial cotton which was badly dented at the sides :((
Scent: 2/5 neutral scent no pleasant scent or odour lol..  
will I repurchase it again??
maybe?? lol it is so costly T.T overall I do like this product :))
Meanwhile I online voucher for myself and bf to a dim sum buffet to celebrate our next monthsary coming soon!! <33 can't wait though!!! #>.<#
so that is all for now!!

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