Friday, October 24, 2014


hi all!!
I know that I have not been updating since like forever >.<
busy with my stupid damm exams >.<

Recently I bought lot of new products to try on too!!
these products help my face maintain in condition during my stressful period the last few weeks >.<

and they are

first up,
Thai hospital Yanhee acne/pimple cream!!
I must say that this cream is soothing and quite effective but sadly it is not for sale in my country and I bought it online.. to try it ..
and the price is not cheap too >.< and this is my first time trying Thailand's product too lol!! Because I read and saw the review of this product to be very good therefore, I wanted to give it a try and its kind of work abit for me!!
I will repurchase it again!! loving this product!! <33!


I will use this twice or thrice a week depending on my conditions!!

I will use this together with my Vaseline jelly as it is too minty for my face already and only put on for 10 mins or so, I learned this method via online lol... and I am already on my 4th tube lol!!
As you will really need to spam it on your problem area as a mask.
kinds of works for me though...
my oil control toner cheap and effective in controlling my sebum level!  

and lastly
Etude house Aloe soothing facial mist spray too!!
Spraying this gives my face a refreshing feelings and I like to spray this on my redness areas to soothe it and heal better. :)) and whenever I feel my face is dry I will just spray it on too!! ^¬^
Lol beside all these I also used a lot of different masks and moisturizers too!!
This was how extreme I was as I was too stressed with my exams already.. Fighting!! >.< at the expense of face!! >.< T.T!!¬¬
Hope this is somehow useful for my readers!! hahhaha
So that is all for now!!¬¬
Ciaos!! Cya soon and stay tune!!

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