Monday, October 6, 2014

Yet another New Kdrama sharing session!

Hi peeps , just a short update here!!

I just discovered a super awesome Korean drama show recently and I am totally obsessed with it
because my super female idol is acting inside as the main lead!!! She is F(X) 's Krystal !!!
OMG <333!!~~~~~~~~~~~

& and it is called my Lovely girl!
 She is acting with the Superstar Rain inside as a couple !!*~*!!!

If you haven't watch this show like me do please go watch it!!!!!!!!!

one boyband member from Infinite is featuring inside too!!

Fangirling right now >.<

so some pictures of it!!!!!

credits to the original website!!

 [Video] Added new 5th teaser trailer, posters, stills and press photos for the Korean drama “My Lovely Girl”



so that is all for now!!

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