Saturday, April 4, 2015

Korean brand Soomang 's eco multi therapy hair treatment oil Review


Hi peeps !!

I am back with a hair product review this time ! hahha something different :))

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the above photo is taken by me taken from my twitter account :) hahahha

the review why I am very tempted to try this product out is because of its many positive reviews on it :O

Effects: 5/5 I am loving how it fixed my dry and slightly damaged/ tangled hair mess :)) ^¬^
Price: 3.5/5 bought this product at a time at qoo10.. lol bf bought it for me ^¬^ lucky me.. hehehe :3 quite affordable bought it for $13 only?
Packaging: 4/5 love the way it is quite transparent on its exterior so that I can see its remaining content and it top cover for application purposes :))
Scent: 5/5 I really love its scent especially bf he mistook me for wearing some really nice perfume all the time since I applied this hair treatment oil on my hair whenever I meet him :)) <333
Texture:4/5 very smooth as it is oily lol. the bad thing is it will make your hair look oily if you carelessly apply too much .. >.<
 will I repeat purchase ??
YES!! love it absolutely! my hair texture and condition improved quite a lot from it :)) very satisfied!!

Side track abit
bf and I went out to watch fast and furious 7 movie today woohoo!!¬¬

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and because it is our actual 2 nd year anniversary day so he treated me to ippudo which twinie highly recommended to me in the past!
Which in the end I didn't really like >.<

but bf seems really happy there :))
look at his super cute eye smile here below !^*^

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while eating his cheese cake dessert he used the cream to write J heart S on it for me :))
as seen in the 4th photo below!!

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so that is all for now

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PS: pardon my barely sober and makeup nearly all gone face in the above photos with bf ..>.<
love him to the bits  <333

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