Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Review on Etude house Colorliquid lip product in shade PK002

Hi peeps !!

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I am back here updating my personal space...

so today I am gonna do a short review on a new makeup product which I just bought 2 days ago??

Tada!!! here it is !!!

it is etude house liquid color lips one of etude house latest lip products !!

Credits to : etude house Singapore facebook

I gotten myself this exact shade pk02 lovely pink lips..
the reason why I chose this color is partly because this is one of fx krystal choice and I tested all its color in my hand and decided that this shade is the loveliest for me lol I do like another shade call spicy orange too but I think will get it another time instead...

here are other pretty shades they got





Effects: 4/5 quite long lasting for a lip tint, color is very vivid and nice too!! <333
Price: 3/5 surprisingly retail price is cheaper than online price lol I gotten it from the retail store.. sgd $19.90???
Packaging 5/5 super cute I swear I am so love with it :))
scent: 5/5 pleasant and addictive scent don't know to describe in words here though...
texture:4/5  creamy and smooth


overall I really like this awesome products
er but I would like to try out other colors too >.<

will I repurchase this line
Yes ^^

Next, I will move on to some videos that I am currently obsessed with they are all from Kshowonline.com

both videos are featuring Hani !!!!!

first is Astyleforyou


really love her so so so super pretty!!! <3333

Second is Crime scene season 2!!

                      Crime Scene Season 2 (South Korean TV series)

ps: I am scared of murder drama but this concept of this variety show is quite interesting I must say!! O.O!¬¬

Next I am also share my current snack obsession too <333

it is a Japanese brand muji store strawberry chocolate marshmallows!!

looks at its interior!!

lol greedy me I finished the whole pack in the middle of the night as my midnight snacks together with a pack of cheesy tibits lol...

so that is all for now!!

Ciaos and stay tune <3333

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