Tuesday, April 14, 2015

korea's Scinic snail matrix cream review

Hi peeps!


I am back with another short review on a skin care product
called the Scinic snail matrix cream!!

haha fyi: girls day yura and hyeir are endorsing this unknown brand in korea right now..
I wanted to buy scinic's sunspray but couldn't find it online as this brand is not available in my country :(( and wanted to try other scinic bb/cc cushion I also couldn't manage to find them too :((
so I ended up buying this snail matrix cream here lol..

so I decided to give this brand a try...

so here are the pictures / photos of this product!

very sticky and slimely texture as you can see...
as it claimed that it contains 5% of snail mucus slime within it ....
I use it as an eye cream as the website say it is a multi functional cream which can also be used as an eye cream too loll...
Effects: 4/5 quite gentle on skin, moisturizing effects on the eye area :)) where the skin is very tender... applied it top and below my eye areas.. no breakout lucky and no redness after using feel gentle on skin when applied :)) cream is being absorbed quite quickly I must say I am impressed loll.... 
Price: 4/5 lucky me I bought this on a sale using my coupon so twinie and I managed to get it at sgd $5 plus only if I remembered correctly... hahahhaha super value worth for us..
Packaging: 3/5 glass packaging??not very sure but seems kind of fragile to me... though..quite a reasonable size though..
Scent: 4/5 pleasant  scent :)) 
will I repurchase it again????
yup whenever there is still a discount for it hhahahah!! quite like this product overall :)))
so that is all for now

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