Monday, April 13, 2015

Nature republic whitening and lineless ampoule review

Hi peeps I am back with another review!!

after some time as I have been shopping for more clothes than beauty products these days..

I managed to got myself as the title suggest Nature republic's whitening and lineless ampoule :))



effects: 3/5  it doesn't break me out which I am happy about... but its whitening effects is not visible at all the next day when I wore up and after a week of usage I don't see any slight effects working on me too. But I must rmb to say different products works differently for different people.
Packaging: 4/5 glass bottle?? not very sure... though and see the remaining amount on its exterior. it comes with a dripper inside for hygiene purposes which I like a lot!!
price: 2/5 pricey :(( online cost around sgd$30 plus dollars plus shipping as sadly this products and brand is not available in my country yet.. :((
Scent: 2/5 neutral scent or no scent u can say lol..
texture and color: 4/5 milky texture, milky color and rich texture :))

will I repurchase it again?
I don't think I will repurchase it again :O

PS:EXID released their new mv today "Ah Yeah"

love them! since their up and down song and mv

fangirling right now! **

like most people hani unnie is my all time bias!! <3333
so that is all for now
Ciaos!! and stay tune!! <3333

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