Thursday, April 16, 2015

Review on Korea's Mamonde Lotus micro no sebum cleanser

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Hi peeps!!~~~

I am back with another short review today!!!
and this time it is Mamonde Lotus micro no sebum mild foam!!~~

Park shin hye from the inheritors drama is the endorser for this brand


Effects: 5/5 very gentle and mild to skin, when washed , face does not feel dry out after a wash using it :)) lovin it, it does not break me out too :))
Packaging: 4/5 love its flower design and Reasonable size :)
Scent: 4/5 pleasant mild scent :))
Price: 2/5 quite costly for me as it is not available in SG online cost around sgd$20 plus :(( but it definitely affordable for working adults :))
texture: 4/5 there is micro beads within which helps to gently exfoliate your face and I feel that my face looks slightly brighter too :))

Note:Different Results for different people with different skin types! you can choose other function ones, I chose the no sebum function though, these cleanser comes in many different functions which u can choose from :))

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will I repurchase it again???
Yes if I have the spare money loll cos I am only a student now only T.T

PS: sidetrack abit

here is my new bag <3333! major loves!!

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it comes with a sling strap to I can use it as a sling bag too hehehehehe

and also I am so in love with a new snack which I just bought to try out just now
super tasty !!! >.<

                                                     MR HOTTEST TWISTCORN - CHILLI BALADO ~70G




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  1. Thank you for the review! I was looking for something like this ♥