Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Beverly anatasia eyebrow wiz review and some korean drama reccomendations!

Hello readers if there are any?

sorry for not updating for the longest time since I was very busy with my final exams and searching for a new job right now :((

Recently I did bought many new beauty products to try out :)

As the title suggested, I will be doing a review on Anastasia Beverly hills eyebrow wiz product today!

why I decided to purchase this product is because like many other people I saw many positive reviews on my social media platforms.

even its duplicate the NYX micro brow pencil was OOS in my country's Sephora outlets too.
because of the product being out of stock everywhere I decided to try it out for myself to see how good it is lol!

I bought this in dark brown shade

Effects: honestly speaking I am quite disappointed with its effects I thought I would be able to achieve my desirable eyebrow embroidery look  ... but it didn't, in fact my CLIO tinted tattoo eyebrow product was comparable to it :(
Price: 2/5 really pricey and hard to get :( because it is not available in my country Singapore and most online stores are out of stock too :(
Packaging : 5/5 I really like its classy packaging! <33 and the scullery that comes together with it.

by the way, this eyebrow WIZ and the NYX micro brow are both made in Korea!

overall, I quite like this product because it does stay on the whole day it is long lasting as it claimed to be!! :) and further more it is easy to use too. I just need to master the skills of drawing my brows that is it :)

here is a photo of me using the eyebrow wiz here


there is no edit here so the color you see is true to photo here!


in conclusion, if you are also a packaging fanatic like me, you will want to try this actual Anastasia eyebrow wiz yourself too!
but if you are looking for the same quality eyebrow product do purchase the NYX micro brow instead I personally think that they works the same except for the brow color they offer :)

I hope this post / review is useful for some of you out there :)
cya soon I will be updating this space more often since I have more free time on my hands now

Next up, I will be doing some Korean dramas recommendations too that which I have been seeing after my final exams.

1. Pinnochio

I really love this storyline althought it is a tragic one rather funny and smart detective work plot going on!
I love actress son dabi a newcomer actress too!
because of her I think I will soon watch another Korean drama which she starred in which is " the scholar who walked the night!"

2. She was pretty

whereas, for this show, I really love Min hari and choi siwon inside!
storyline was ok but the casts were awesome!!!

3. it's okay that is love

i love this love story storyline too!
it was very touching! <33 and the characters inside are amusing too!! i had a good laugh while watching this and its OST sound tack is awesome too!

4. the producers

Lastly, for the producers, kim sohyun was very adorable inside this drama i meant the role he plated as a newbie rookie. i did have a good laugh. i must say this was very different from other dramas i had seen because of its unique storyline. :)

all of the above! I really enjoyed watching them!
they were all rated to be very famous and popular in 2015!
hehehe :)

so that is all for now!

Ciaos !
I hope these reccomendations are helpful for you to kill your boredom like me hahahah!

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