Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Scinic diamond hydrogel mask review!

Dear readers if there are any lol!

Why I decided to purchase this is because I am a huge fan of Girl's Day , and my bias is yura! <333

I first chanced upon this mask while browsing through HongKong's SASA's official webpage.

But my sister's friend couldn't find in their SASA when he was in Hongkong back then :(

so I decided to search for it online instead :O and eventually I managed to get it :)

however, I could not find SCINIC's YURA's black pearl hydrogel mask online. Only Minah and Sojin 's mask were available back then :(

so I gotten the diamond and red ruby mask online first.

I tried on the Minah's diamond mask first as it claimed to have whitening properties which is what I am looking for. ..

the Red ruby one was passed on to my sister..

Credits: I took the images online as I was too lazy to take photos then upload it ..sorry >.<

Effects: 2/5 I must just it is just very moisturizing , not much obvious whitening effects just some slight brightening effects. it kind of break me out the next day :( but well this is just my personal opinion , it applies differently to different people :) when I first took out it was very slimy and felt extremely frail and slim and when applied on it felt like my second skin layer lol.. essence inside it was moderate not very rich which was ok for me :)
Price: 2/5 very costly S$10 per piece :(
Packaging: 5/5 I super love girls day image on them :)
Scent: 2/5 neutral scent.

afterwards, while shopping with my boyfriend around a shopping mall, I managed to chance upon YURA's black pearl hydrogel mask!! I though I was dreaming at first!!

this black pearl mask I haven got to try out myself yet as of now ... :(

overall, will I repurchase it again??

Erm. sorry but I don't think I will repurchase it again because I am quite disappointed with its effects.

I hope this short review was useful for you all out there :)

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