Saturday, March 19, 2016

New book reccomendation and korean drama reccomendation

Hello peeps!

I am back here with a short Korean drama and book recommendation

first up the Korean drama that I am recently addicted to is


because of Kim tae hee of course!! <333333333

tada!!!¬¬¬ while the male lead is quite good looking and charismatic too!! ^^

I really like it interesting story plot making me wanting to watch it continuously !

if you are bored like me , then please do watch this!!

Next, up is the book recommendation

it is Steve Harvey's book straight talk no chaser!


I lent this from the national library, it is really a good read.
his words sure are very convincing!

this book gives one tips and advices on male mentality to us females. By helping us understand the reasons behind one's male partner behaviour and excuses.

I was attracted to this book because of Steve Harvey, as my bf is a fan of his funny talk shows lol!

so that is all for now

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