Sunday, March 6, 2016

loccitane pivoine sublime CC cream shade 01 and lip tints rose plum and amber shades review

Hello Readers if there are any!

Today I am gonna do another review here!!

As the title suggested..  is Loccitane Pivoine sublime CC cream in shade 01.

I decided to buy these because I was shown them being used by a famous Korean pretty girl on youtube channel. Her skin and her makeup are awesome! <333 But I forgot her name and her channel as it was way back long ago :O

boyfriend bought it for me! <333 he surprised me with it months ago and I had no time to do a review on it all along.

Effects: 4/5 little coverage, which is its downside, so if you are looking for coverage product this is definitely not the one for you >.< But on the flipside why it 4 because its color when applied on is so dewy and nice finish look when I blended it all out.

Price: 2/5 it was very costly T.T

Scent:  4/5 Smell so nice!! <333

Packaging:2/5 I find it rather plain they could add some rose design on it to make it look nicer :O
that is just my personal preference though.

overall, sadly I will not repurchase this product again. As I am looking for something that will brighten my skin makeup more than this product for me :O.

Next, I will be moving on its tinted lip balms collection
 I gotten 2 shades - amber and rose plum

For a start, these tinted balms are sold out in my country everywhere. In the end, I managed to get it online :)

Credits: I took these images online as I am rather lazy to take my own photos and upload them here as it will requires a lot of processing time >.< so sorry!!

Effects: 3/5 I am rather disappointed that they are not long lasting at all instead the colors came off after just a while when applied on :(( the colors when applied on seems quite nice to me too :) their texture is not very moist and creamy either.

Price: 2/5 very costly T.T

Scent: 3/5 slight pleasant scent :)

Packaging: 3/5 it resembles the brand FRESH lip balms' packaging. I quite like their packaging simple and classic.

 overall, I will not repurchase it again :( As I am looking for long lasting lip products

 so that is all for now ! I hope these short reviews are / will be useful for some of you out there though :)

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