Friday, March 4, 2016

Peris ink collection review

Hello peeps!

Today i am gonna to do a short review on Peri Pera Ink tint.
the first time i got to know about this product was because i saw my friend using it.
Then i went to search this product online myself, to get to know more about this product and its description.
It description claimed that it is super long lasting ink.

So finally i decided to get one to try out first and i gotten it in shade #03  No way after #02 get the eye was sold out >.< i wanted to see for myself how long lasting it really is and its real life colors when applied on myself too.

Shade ink #03- No way (coral shade)

As it is not yet available in my country yet, i had to order this online

after the 1st purchase  i was so in love with the product that i decided i had to search out #02 get the eye till i get it which i did eventually :)

Shade #02 - Get the eye

Recently i just discovered the new peris ink collection

Which is Ink moist series!

#05 Soul Burgundy

Effects: 4.5/5 Long lasting as it claims to be !! <333 colors all turned out lovely!! <333
Price: 4/5 affordable than other famous lipsticks brands such as IOPE and YSL etc..
Packaging: 4/5 Super cute and handly! :) loving it!
Scent: 1/5 neutral scent


by the way, i reccomended this product to my sister too and she got #05 ink series in No spoiler,
Her color turned out to be very nice too!!

so that is all for now!

i hope this is useful for you !

Cya soon! Ciaos!

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