Saturday, July 28, 2012

picking up piece and moving on :)

1st: dont waste my time on a repeat cheater!!!

[Besides, being single is awesome—I don’t know how people don’t know that. FACT: being single is always better than being in a bad relationship. Always. Always. Always.]  At least, i will love myself and not hurt myself :) so i dont need a relationship at all

my ex dont care about me, so why i should care about him?

i am sure other girls are cheated by him and if they can move on i can too :)

sending groveling text messages to your ex won’t help anyone. Make this a healthy, positive experience.
Find ways to make yourself feel pretty.

Do not talk down to or belittle yourself—if you wouldn’t let someone call you fat, annoying, unworthy, or stupid than you should never say those things about yourself.

i know i am not ugly, i will just prove myself wrong :)

Chances are that your SC will not change.

This means that you’ll either have to live with the reality of this situation, protect yourself emotionally, physically, and sexually from the possibility of any sexually transmitted diseases, or leave the relationship.

DO NOT think that there is something flawed about you that is the reason why your partner cheats.

It’s not because you are not pretty enough, smart enough, the size of your body, your breasts, penis, your skin color, your hairstyle, or whatever. Do not allow your self-esteem to be diminished because they attempt to blame you for having some “flaw” as being the reason why they cheat. If your partner has decided to cheat, any excuse will do. If there are things you want to change about yourself, do it for you—to build your own self-esteem and not because you think that you’ll stop your partner from cheating.

Be aware that some serial cheaters have “personality disorders.”

This means that they focus almost exclusively on self-satisfaction and self-gratification without regard to how much pain they are causing their partner. They are incapable of feeling any meaningful remorse for their actions. Persons with such disorders must be treated by a trained and competent mental health professional. The problem is that they often don’t believe that they need help.

2. They have cheated on you with more than one other person
It may be that your spouse has recently come to you to admit that they have been cheating. Or, maybe you have caught them with another lover, directly or through evidence you have found. Either way, you are now likely trying to consider your options. Here is one thing that should sway you in the direction of a divorce: if you find out that your spouse has cheated on you with more than one other person. In other words, if this is the second, third or more time they have been caught cheating, you have a chronic situation going on that is not likely to mend itself, no matter how sorry your spouse may seem to be acting right now.
3. You find out they have cheated on every person they have been with
Similar to #2 above, if you found out that your spouse is a \”cheating repeat offender\” with most or all of the other people they have been with, that is a sign that you need to take serious steps toward ending your relationship. People who continue to cheat on those who trust them the most have serious issues that will not likely be fixed through one or two sessions of counseling.
4. You find out they were not having safe sex
Spouses who cheat should at least have the presence of mind and caring for their husband or wife that they wear protection or make their other lover wear protection when they are with another person. After all, with the many diseases prevalent in the world today, wearing protection can mean the difference between life and death. If your spouse has skipped this minimal courtesy, you should consider ending the relationship.

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  1. Told you he's an asshole liao.