Monday, July 23, 2012

looking back? X my new base make up method!

Hello folks!

do you all realised how much i changed?? in terms of looks??

in case u have not noticed here are my pics to compare!

last year!!


this year!~

omg!! i looked so different??

oh no!~

This is freaking scary!!

my friends all say i went plastic surgery! >>,<<
i did not!!


anyway, which me do u prefer??

next is my new base make up

which i only am using my sunblock as my only coverage
mean i dont use any foundation, bb cream or powder anymore just sunblock only!~

and the sunblock i am using is

The korea faceshop acidberry sunblock !~

its latest product too!!

do try it out too!!

it is awesome!~~(^~~^)//
that is all byebye