Friday, July 13, 2012

Some of my easy diet tricks.

today gonna share some diet tips with you all!!

my height is 153 cm..
weight 40kg

1st: i walk alot.. as it is also a form of exercise

2nd: i seldom take caloried drinks as i normally only consume cold water and diet coke! :)

3rd: i do not eat or snack in between meals. only strictly 3 meals a day :p

4th: No supper!! limit your meals portions :) i do not eat sweets too as they too contain some calories!

next, is my fav make up items 
pardon me for being lazy to take a snapshot of them

1. etude house nymph aura primer
2. Skinfood red orange bb cream
3. Faceshop acidberry sun cream

that is all


  1. 40kg?!?!?!
    Oh god I would love to be your weight! x_x

    1. to liz: hehhehe you flattered me >.<
      i am just average for my height hehhe :p