Sunday, July 29, 2012

Simple gyaru make!

Hello!! As mentioned since my boyfriend dont love me anymore, i gonna make myself more
pretty !!~~~

gonna improve my make up more :)
he dont like me to put eyelashes but i dont give a damm anymore since he dont care about me anymore

if u love this simple eye make look keep reading...

1st: apply brown shimmery shadow all over your upper eyelids
2nd: falsies
3rd: lower pink shimmery shadow


hehehe so simple right??

and i realised that i dont need anymore double eyelid tapes anymore too!!


i dont love that idiot as much anymore for now
since he keep cheating..
he is just wasting my life away!~

i just miss the old him! >.<

i wonder when he will finally stop cheating on me??

my hair colour looks nice here but pardon my face .. >.<

that is all byebye


  1. to liz: thanks for always leaving a comment for me!! :)
    touched *~* i tried to click on your goggle account to try to talk to you
    but i cant .. there is some connection problem
    if you dont mind we can always chat through email :)

  2. omg why your ex so bad