Monday, July 30, 2012

japanese Age-jyo make up tutorial

since these days, i am so sad.. i like to sleep alot

to sleep away all my problems ..

but a reader of mine Liz is so kind to always leave me a comment :))
i really like you liz!! :D
Thank you!

But i like to do some stuffs that i like to keep me happy!
so here is a really nice make up video to see!
hope this is useful!

really envy her!!
She makes putting falsises so easy!! (O.O)

lastly, i want to share a piece of issue  here too!

that is


in fact, love is about the accompany of the both gender, spending their time together happily
that is as simple as that!!

No SEX involved!! only after marriage call me traditional all u want!~

if the partner has aids?? then die tgt??? lols..

this is just a food for thought though..

that is all

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  1. Haha, no problems!~ :D
    I love reading your blog ^_^
    I like you too! :3 :$