Thursday, July 12, 2012

just be yourself


i realised that being myself is an important thing in doing what i want in my life
All the time, i need to hold back myself because of...
I am living in a whole of  misery because of this >.<

last time i used to hold giveaways because i want to bribe people in reading my blog

then i came to realise it was no use ..
because i want people to read me in their own accord :)

not because of some silly gifts...

it is really depressing :(

anyway, i slowly realised i really like blogging so no matter the number of readers
i am not concerned..  i am just happy there are actually some readers for me out there :)
really appreciate this!! 本とにありがとうございますね!


just blog the freedom of mine.. away..

next will be doing a list on my fav make up items :)
stay tune!

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