Thursday, July 19, 2012

Water retention

Hi all!!

today gonna share with a piece of information that i learnt recently...

it is myself having this serious water retention problem..

i have this really bad habit like to drink cold water especially before bed time :(

and this results in me having a really bad water retention problem the next day
which is my face will look fatter than usual..

So last 2 days i was on a water fast from 8pm onwards .. for my eyebag problem..

and whola !~ the next day , my face actually look sharper..? such an obvious  change!

do you suffer the same problem as me too? hehhee
try my water fast method see if you have any water retention problem?

my method these days are lighter...too.. no mood for gyaru heavy make these days too.
busy with my school work.

see my winged collar??
i love it MAX!~~

cant wait for weekends workload is killing me !! urgh!!

lastly thanks for viewing
and have a nice day! <3333333333