Sunday, July 15, 2012

photos as memories

Hello! to all my readers!!

starting with a shitty surprises.
woke up early and realised that  first lecture was cancelled.. and i had prepared myself for the lecture already... >.<

so i am like super free now for 2 hours...


anyway, i also wanna share with u all why like to camwhore so much here today..


because like i said photo is part of my memories :)

be it sad, happy or angry moments :(
once gone , gone forever, but stay in my mind and heart like forever...

lols this pic look likes i am so EMO here ... lol maybe i am now??
 but i feel that it looks like some tumblr pic here lols...
                                   ermm... popu bought this for me *~* awww...

blogging is my past time :) too!
i hate my life some times :(

sights~!!! so crappy and full of bullshits...

byebye <3333333333

sorry for being so EMO today btw...

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