Saturday, July 21, 2012

My makeup remover! X my simple eyemake!

Hello!!!! Waves!~~

blogging more daily because i like blogging hehhhehehe

So today gonna blog about my new love - makeup remover! ^~^


Korea Faceshop's cherry blossom oil solution makeup remover!~~

Why i love this product?

because it has a soft texture, which is gentle to skin, nice- smelling and it turns white when rubbed on the face :)

although it will require more effort to wash off beacuse of the white parts but it helps to wash off my make up more properly and thoroughy!~~
hehhehhe <3333333

Clean face = no skin problems :)

the packaging attracted me at first to buy this, but i really like this product overall too! :p

Next is my Simple eyemake suitable for daily :))

How to do?~~

First, use a neutral tone brown eyeshadow!
second, apply thin layer of eyeliner inside the inner upper eyeline!~
third, apply upper and lower mascara!~~

And DONE!~~
hheheheh :)
simple and fast right??

By the way , i learn a new base make up yesterday, gonna share with you all soon too!!

please feel free to comment, as i really enjoy, love and appreciate reading all your kind and lovely
comments :) Thank you! ^~^ 

so stay tune!~ <333333333

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