Friday, January 10, 2014

Some Plans for 2014 !!


Blogging in office right now >.< lol hopefully don't get caught
later I am meeting boyfie (^~^*)//

Chinese new year is coming.. have you all done your CNY shopping yet?? hahaha
I bought my clothes already not shoes yet though :O
-.- boyfie is even worse have not bought anything for CNY yet
he is going to Genting during CNY going to miss him so so so much!! >.< T.T

For the year of 2014,
to begin with, we have booked our flight for seoul for our april family vacation already!!
Happiness!~~ ^~^ I am like really looking forward can?! >.<
Thinking about all the makeup, skincare and clothes that I can buy there alone makes me drool already ! wahaha!!~~
that means I really need to save up T.T for my shopping in korea T.T transit at Taipei O.O

Yesterday didn't report for work , I went to walk walk alone before going home to rest..
and meanwhile I bought a photo frame for dearie to put our polaroid to put it at his table!!

I really like putting photo frame around , it gives a vintage and a comfy feel :) haha it is a double sided frame :P


CNY is coming although I like the idea of holiday no need to work during the CNY but
I dread the idea of going to my aunt house to bai nian >.<
They will keep say me this and that one hais!!~~
But on a plus point I get to wear new pretty clothes hahaha and take some nice selcas too!!~~
And more angpows for my seoul trip too!! hehehe~~


On top of all these I need to sign up for my uni studies for my degree :O
still applying now >.<
hopefully I managed to get into the course I want >.<

that is all for now yea!!

Hopefully everything goes smoothly for the year 2014 :O
pray hard >.<
Ciaos!~~ ^~^

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