Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Happy new year! everybody!

Hi Peeps!!
Happy 2014!~~~ ^~^**

2014 new year resolution to become prettier each day lol!!
and last long with boyfie :)

2013 was quite a nasty year for me one of my worst year perhaps..
I still remembered crying during the Chinese new year and struggling with my final year exams and
rushing out my projects with classmates >.< and of course tons of unwanted arguments with boyfie at first and his family too... -.-

of cos my payday came too and I bought myself some new skincare products..
from etude house their NEW** bubble peeling wash and acne care kit hehehe (^~^o)//

I am becoming more hardworking towards my skincare because boyfie like to salivate on my cheeks
causing me lots of unwanted pimples T>T despite asking him to stop doing so.. he cant help it T.T
poor me have to invest more in my skincare products clearing my facial skin. Which recently became more and more sensitive -.- as I have an obsession with keep doing mask at night I always feel the need for it ..

these 2 products shown above I will soon do a review on them once I am ready for it

Lastly, although year 2013 really sucks.. but I am still glad that I found my dear on 4/4/2013
I hope we can be together a long long  time.. and never get sick and tired of each other...

A boyfie whom easily make me feel happy, angry and sad but not for long..
Pampering me with gifts and scrimping and save on himself and feeding me good food whenever he has money and playing around childishly with me at times.. and never forget to send me home and kiss me goodnights whenever we meet up, all these little moments are the ones that make me feel the happiest..

that is all for now

byebye <333

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