Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekends, movie & Swimming / Playing with waters

Hi peeps !!

Here is another lazy post about how I spent weekends.. lol!!
With boyfie of course :)

Sat he came to pick me up at work on sat and that day we went to eat my fav noodles at clark quay and we went to shop around awhile and he bought me this Innisfree mineral green tea mist <33!!
Since I decided to get one because of my Bio essence miracle spray is running out on me T.T


can't wait to try this out soon !! >.< lol!!~~

then we went to his house to watch some movie online.. " Wolf of the wall street"
it is supposed to be a comedy.. but I don't really like it >.<
The movie, the actors keep shouting / saying the F* word.. Zzzz

I only scold it when I am angry only lol..

and the storyline was quite complicated and I couldn't really make sense of it.. although boyfie was really paying attention to it though..

I remembered him laughing aloud at some scenes though..

So that I keep asking boyfie to go swimming with me since we always stayed at home and slack and get bored when we do nothing but sleep the whole day.. if not play some games.. which boyfie is so addicted to his Dota and Maple -.-!~

For Sunday, we went to jurong swimming complex.. to play waters it is the first time I go swimming with boyfie.. but the funny thing is that I couldn't swim at all >.<



so ended up with us playing the waters only.. >.< it was so cold ...

after an hour and a half of playing we decided to wash up and head back..

hahaha I  took a long time in the bathroom washing up and makeup about half an hour time..#>.<#

Boyfie was so -.- bummer about it hahaha

After that we went to eat KFC and headed back to his place but before that we went to buy a new fan as his old one spoilt. and it was so hot in his room -.-!!~~

so that is all for now yea..


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