Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Others call me stupid, but i guess sometimes acting dumb is better.

               Photo: Super nice can ? ^^ but so transparent

Hello all,  I am really lazy to do reviews these days..
I have been bugged by a lot of unwanted thoughts recently about myself, my life and some relationship stuffs which are kind of indescribable. Besides, I don't like my intern so I don't really go and think about it unless there is some stuffs troubling me.. -.-

Yesterday I met up with one of my good friends who just came back from Australia ^~^
twinie joined us too, we chatted while we dined at pasta mania eating pizzas .. and we stopped by Jrunway and bought some accessories.. that is all ..

Something I just feel happy for no apparent reason, something I feel bored then sad .. moody...
I guess it is my hormones.. >.< or not enough sleep -.- because my work Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

the only time I tend to forget all my unwanted thoughts is when I met up with dearie and I kind of focus on nothing but just him and see only him ..

seeing his uber cute face make me feel very happy or rather satisfied that I have such a cute boyfie to begin with.. sometimes while looking at him, I really wondered and hope that these happy moments will last >.<

Whenever, I miss him, I will have the tendency to text him if not look at his photos in my phone lol..
So cheesy right? (#>.<#)



As usual, work I get scolded quite some times.. and I really dread seeing people at work. the only joy time is lunch time and end work I guess.

Each person, has their own problems too, like my family, boyfie and friends they also have their problems is just how they dealt with it and overcome it ..

I guess I am the lazy kind who just like to ignore them if it is not urgent or pressing, until it is time ..

they say " good times don't always last, so cherish them while they last."
the funny thing with me is.. when I am so happy I will tend to overlook things and forget it till it ends..
But when I am down, I will just start to recall all the happy memories that I should have hold on to more..

I guess I am so long winded here..
so I will end this post with a peace sign


Bye!~ till the next time ..

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