Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chinese new year is coming..

        Photo: I don’t regret my past, I just regret the time I wasted with the wrong people.

Hi peeps, Chinese new year is coming and I not looking forward it to the least, except for the rest day and doing nothing but eat at my grandma's hse and wear new clothes..
lol I haven even bought new shoes which I don't even bother about can??

Maybe this year we will be going to the sea aquarium something special for mommy..??
hahah but I am yet to get the tickets.. hahaha!!!

The worst part, is Boyfie is gonna be away to Genting T.T
No contact for 4 WHOLE Days maybe?
and then I will anyhow think again because last year's CNY totally sucks something happened and
totally ruined my whole festive mood!!!

And the worst part is last year's V's day worse day ever.. some more I remembered I was having exams back then too T.T

" I don't regret my past, I just regret spending it with wrong person." 

Last few days boyfie and I went to the arcade and I made him get me this card lol!!
Because I like the pink machine so nice and sweet hahahaha in short, girly #^~^#


Cute?? kawaii ?? hahahaha!~

Recently, I also do have the obsession with non hole earrings because I am scared to pierce ear hole
because twinie did it twice and had ear infection.. and we chanced upon these cute non hole earrings!!
And I wore it out the next day..
I really like the twinkle in my ear especially when cam whoring too :p

the earrings were on sale too hahaha lucky me!!

so that is all now byebye <33333333!~

I really wished/hoped/pray for this new's Chinese new year and vday they will be a pleasant one
for me.. will not leave me crying out there alone again...

and to graduate smoothly with a diploma :)


that is all for now..


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