Thursday, January 16, 2014

Innisfree green tea mineral mist review

Hi all!!
I am now back with a new review on one of recent gifts from dearie


Which is INNISFREE's Green tea mineral mist


As you can see yoona ssi is endorsing it!! <333


I have been using this mist for some days already

I love how fine the mist come out as compared to my Bio essence miracle water spray not those large water droplets that lands on your face after some sprays...

I definitely choose this spray over my usual bio essence miracle water spray!!

I haven't tried out others innisfree mist yet like their sun spray and vitamin C spray yet which I am still thinking whether to try them out anot or should I just simply stick to this mist spray?

Effect: 4/5 - one minus point it doesn't really prevent my bb cream from oxidizing which really disappoints me T.T, other than that it works fine :) Hopefully no breakouts.. lol!!

Price: 4/5 affordable :) for this small bottle mist

Packaging: 3/5 simple and clean packaging :)

will I repurchase this ?
Maybe? because I may want to try out its vitamin C spray or sun spray too >.<

So that is all for now yea!


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