Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy 9 monthsary!!

Hi guys!!

Today will just be another post on how we spent our nine monthsary together ^^

      Photo: Uber happy that we gotten to spend our 9 months Tgt this month

It has been so long since we camho together already (#O.O#) hehehe :3

I surprised boyfie with a gift :) and that is CK perfume

                   Photo: Buay tahan this super cute boyish face

I don't mind splurging on him just to see the happiness smile on his face
although he does irritate me plenty of times >.<

That we went out to orchard to walk walk ^~^ looking for his new clothings but couldn't find any, as boyfie was in no mood to shop >.<*


On sunday we went out to eat some ramen and then we watched the movie 47 ronin! :O

my elder sis told me it was a nice movie even boyfie's mum told him that it is nice too :D

Since the movie timing suited us so we decided to watch it too hehehe

Outfit of the day!!

Ps: the checkered shorts is bought by boyfie when we went shopping the other day :P
actually he bought me a checkered suit !! (^~^*)

at the end of everything I am very glad he is still by me all these times
work makes me really stressed and angry most of the times >.<
but my family and him really makes me feel better and more relieved :)
it just makes me want to cherish them more all together :)

so that is all!
byebye <333

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