Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Year 2013 lesson learnt..

Year 2013 was a unpleasant year for me struggling with school, intern and relationships...

I still remembered crying in Chinese new year when my ex cheated and abandoned me, waiting for the text messages that never came.. like a silly fool... believing that he will be back from ..after being used..
being cheated endlessly by my ex too, despite my tears he just continued.. lying to me..
crying alone during valentine's day which I foolishly prepared present for that some one..

unpleasant looks from my class mates and nobody wanted me in their groups.. during projects..

there was also a period of endless quarrels that drained me mentally and physically with boyfie and his family disliking me...

Crying during the first few weeks of intern, whenever I got scolded badly..

year 2013 was the worst year ever for me..

looking back, i am glad i have been through them... never wanting to go back into those nightmares again
i just hope that karma will knock on the door of those people who used or bullied me back then and get a taste of their own medicine..

and i still remembered the happiest moments of 2013 that god blessed me with are

1. My birthday celebration at USSR ( i remembered going to sentosa with my ex and standing outside the studios hoping that one day i can go in) It is just a wish came true..

2. Genting trip during the December :)

3. I get to meet boyfie daily, unlike my previous shitty relationships.

4. Boyfie will pamper me with gifts that i really wanted and not those anyhow ugly gifts that i don't even want.. :) like my clothes, minions, make up and skincare

5. Getting a polaroid camera with my first intern salary :) taking polaroids with boyfie <33

6. Spening Xmas eve with boyfie @ night safari and dining @ Crystal Jade palace restaurant, not needing to go my aunt house which i detest so much every year usually..>.<
7. Going to River Safari to celebrate boyfie's bday!!

these special moments make me feel really relieved and blessed..

Lastly, 2013 the most blessed moment is to able meet my BOYFIE <33 he make all the impossible possible for me :3 as time goes by i began to love him more and more <33


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