Tuesday, August 9, 2011

international grand giveaway

hi, here are the detail for the international giveaway

1. shibuya 109 SBY beanie
2. shibuya 109 LDS beanie
3. maycare bihada eyelid tape
3. 2 pairs mellish lower eyelashes
4. PRISCILLA full long wig
5. Avene thermal spray
6.3 pair of diamond eyelashes no.1
7. pink ribbon beret
8. one set of pink decorative nails
9. a box of taiwan handmade princess eyelashes
10. a small laneige cleanser pack

You just have to be a follower of this blog!! ^^


ends at 20 august 2011


  1. Hi doll! Thanks for this giveaway! I wish I can win! BTW I've just discovered your blog and it seems really interesting! See you soon gal! xoxo

  2. Hi~ I've found your blog on Kawai.i facebook page, and I like it >w<
    Wish you all the best with your boyfriend, you're very cute together~ ^o^
    Byebye~ ♥

  3. woa~ I'm glad I found your blog!!! ;O
    I really like the hauls~
    but what is hoyu bubbles? ;D
    btw, I love boyfriend<3 ♥
    see ya!

  4. Im following!(: but how do i win?

  5. HEllo is this giveaway still on going or?^^