Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Added item to my 2nd giveaway :D

Hairband Bangs!!!!!!!! KYA!~~~~~~~~~~

Having thick soft and Ultra-CUTE Bangs (light brown) ( BranD NEW) is no longer a dream!!
If you managed to win this from my 2nd giveaway

i am giving this away because i don't like the idea of wearing a wig :D

Here are some Super kawaii gyaru models with Cute Bangs :DD

you can achieve their kawaii look by having this hairband bangs :DD

This bangs can even be swept to the side
to achieve this kawaii look below!!!

Good luck everybody :DDD
Do join in :DD

Here are some epic poses by my sis and I


i just found a very interesting home remedies videos and channel for healthy and good skin
stay tune i will share with you all :DDD

To Omishu:
I am not sure the curler size, but it is just like the normal curler size ( not too big nor too small)
it is battery operated, very handy.  By the way, which country are you living in ??? just curious though \\\(o^~^o)///

1 comment:

  1. it's probably 3/4 inch then :) i think that is the most common. battery operated is super handy!

    i look forward to the remedy stuff :3 did you know neosporin on breakouts before bed is a miracle worker? so great! thought i would share that tip :3

    i live in america :) thanks for reminding me to put it on my profile! haha