Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Simple Acne home remedies and 若槻千夏 ダイエット (wakatsuki chinatsu's diet secrets)

Hi all, remenbered i mentioned that i will be sharing with you some simple home remedies acne treatment

here is the channel website :http://www.youtube.com/user/eHow
they share about many other stuffs besides skincare so you will need to filter out the videos you want to see from the channel website yourself :DD

here is a short video about it

Next Up, is a video about 若槻千夏 ダイエット (wakatsuki chinatsu's diet secrets)

here is it

Short summary if you don't understand japanese

Basically, She consumes only baked vegetables chips and Tofu
for all her meals to slim down. This is done based on the weightage of her foods, that she consumed.

Hope that this is useful and helpful for all of you!!!

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  1. oh sorry. it is a common household ointment in America :) haha it's used for small cuts, but it's amazing at healing and works on acne too. thanks for the channel! i love tutorial videos on youtube :3 especially for skin care and hair styles