Monday, August 15, 2011

Hoyu bubble review

Here is a kawaii hair dye, i wish to try out since last month i saw it feautured on Popteen, while i was in my hair salon, all along i dye my hair in a salon.
But i am amazed by how japanese actually dye their own hair :O
Especially gyarus, they normally use brands like Palty and Hoyu beautylabo
Their hair colour are really NICE!!

I bought this from
But i heard it will be made availble in Watsons soon :D

My choice of colour was Milky beige which was Mizukitty colour as well :DD


Here are the items that you will get inside the kawaii packaging
1. packet of colour
2. hair developer
3. gloves
4. instruction sheet
5. a small packet of hair treatment essence

Pour the developer and the powder into the tub

close the lid and shake 30cm up and down for formation of bubbles

You will get this after shaking

scoop the bubbles and put them on your hair
leave on for 30 minutes
( thin, damaged hair less 5 minutes)
( thick, coarse hair more 5 minutes)

after 30 minutes, shampoo twice and use hair conditioner
use the hair essence provided
you can either leave it on, or wash it away

That's all for today's sharing :DD

To omishu: Thanks for your NICE  comments :DD You are such a nice and cute doll :DDD
i wish to be friends with you :DDD

To all: i may add in a second prize after my exams :DD

Stay tune to see what is my Second prize :O


  1. aw thank you x3 i just found your blog through kawaii.i's facebook page and thought it was super cute! :3 i've recently become more interested in japanese fashion and you have such nice blog posts. i also think it's cool that you're learning japanese too! i will continue to read your blog and maybe we can be friends :) i also have a boyfriend that i love very much <3

  2. P.S. OH MY GOSH! when i checked on your blog later i totally recognized the music for legend of mermaid from MMPPPP!! :D <3 that series is so kawaii~