Saturday, August 13, 2011

Candydoll and Hoyu bubbles huals

Yesterday when i reached home i was greeted by my

I have been wanting this since MASUWAKA TSUBASA chan introdce it

Next up, is the latest Hoyu bubbles

A while ago, when i was at the hair salon i was flipping through popteen

I saw this!!

then i become to wonder how to get this??

Then today i finally got it!! Woohoo :DD

i gotten Mizukitty colour :))

I am super thrilled with my new hauls gonna do a review on them soonnnn!~~
stay tune :))

and wll find some time to upload 村田莉 Marimo key secrets to a smaller face :))

See ya -_<

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  1. Looking forward for your Hoyu bubbles review!^^ I want to know where to get it!! :3