Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gyaru sharing session :DD

Whenever i am free i like to look Gyaru girls :D
what about you??? here are some mini videos

that's all for today
Next, i may post up some gyaru fashion pictures do look forward to my next post

To omishu: Ya, i totally agree that the legend of mermaid is totally kawaii :DDD that is why i put it as my blog song :DD Btw, i read your blog that you are learning japanese too. i am at level N3 now what about you??

To jasmine: the results will be generated by a random generator in my computer after i key in all the participants. So the winners are chosen randomly. For the 1st giveaway you just need to follow, but the 2nd one you need to blog about it too.

bye bye <33333

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  1. my sister isn't into anime as much as me and she said the episodes are too repetitive, but i still liked it haha i'm actually teaching myself online so i don't really know about the levels ; u ;" i'm really basic though. still don't know that much yet

    i love looking up pictures of cute styles, especially in japan and sometimes korea too x3 gyaru is totally princessy but edgy too sometimes. i just love pastels and florals :3 i think they are so pretty and it's probably why hime-gyaru is my favorite